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Riding Waves with Viral Videos

Viral videos are one of the greatest pieces of evidence for the utility of social media in the marketing world. When a video catches on and begins to spread, millions of new users can get in the loop within a day or two. Many companies have tried to create their own viral videos, to varying degrees of success, but an equally successful strategy to utilize the power of viral videos is riding the waves of what already exists.

Why Videos Go Viral

Videos can go viral for a number of reasons, and oftentimes the process is unpredictable. Viral videos have something:

·         Funny

·         Surprising

·         Unique

·         Useful

Or preferably, all four. Most importantly, the video needs to be in line with current trends. Nevertheless, even videos with a careful balance of all these elements often fail to go viral for no reason other than the fickle and unpredictable mindsets of the masses. This makes it exceedingly difficult to construct your own viral video to increase traffic.

Jumping on Trends

The best thing you can do is keep watch for videos as they rise to popularity. Track and monitor videos relevant to your field and be aware when they begin to circulate heavily. Use your social media platforms to make references to the videos, or circulate them directly (unless, of course, they belong to one of your competitors). This will help keep you in the social loop and communicate with an ever-changing audience. Customers who see this will think of you as authoritative, well-read, and above all, human, and will be more likely to do business with you in the future, if only slightly. Just be sure not to jump on the trend too late—nobody wants to see you beating a dead horse.

Moderate Effort, Moderate Results

Having one of your own videos go viral nets you many more leads than riding the trends of another, of course. However, creating a viral video takes either a substantial amount of effort or a substantial amount of luck. This strategy focuses on a small amount of effort to yield a similar, but smaller result. Don’t use it as a central point of your business model, but do keep it in mind for your social media marketing.

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