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5 Marketing Tips to Learn from Iron Man


Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man, has seen a recent resurgence in popularity due to his starring roles in a series of films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a bold, cocky attitude, a playboy lifestyle, and a cache of super-powered armors that make any tech junkie jealous, Iron Man has captivated crowds of all ages.

Iron Man has his critics, despite his charisma, but even if you don’t care for the movies or comics you can learn a little something from Mr. Stark.

Consider these five marketing tips, demonstrated by the personality and actions of Tony Stark:

1.       Keep Improving. No matter how good you think your marketing campaign is, you should try to keep improving it. Tony Stark keeps making new iterations of his armors as he finds weaknesses and gets new ideas—so should you with your marketing campaigns.

2.       Work with What You Have. Tony Stark is dangerous even without his armor because he thinks on his feet and uses whatever resources are available to him. After all, he built his first suit in a cave from a box of scraps. Even if you don’t have a huge budget or experienced personnel, you have to pull together what you have to get some results.

3.       Don’t be Afraid to Fail. Marketing strategies are sometimes risky, but you have to be willing to follow through and learn from the experience. Iron Man crashed a few dozen times before successfully flying. You’ll probably crash once or twice before you perfect your campaign.

4.       Know Your Limitations. Iron Man knows the weaknesses of his suits like no one else, and avoids situations that exploit them. Similarly, you should avoid entering a space where you won’t see much traction—such as where your demographics aren’t present or where your competition wholly dominates.

5.       Multitask. Tony Stark doesn’t just fight crime or defend the world from alien threats. He also manages a large global corporation. As a marketer, you’re going to have to split your attention between many different campaign channels and many different tasks. Brace yourself.

Iron Man would have made a fantastic marketer. With a pragmatic mind, a charismatic personality, and a constant exploration for new tactics and new technology, he could have easily dominated almost any industry he chose to work with. Take inspiration from him as you start and manage your own campaigns.

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