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Web Design and Development

Every great business starts with a great vision. The problem is achieving that vision isn’t always as easy as it seems. At Quez Media, our experts will work to understand your vision and apply their knowledge in a way that makes that vision achievable. Essentially, we’ll collaborate with you to build a path from point A (where you are) and point B (where you want to be), whether that’s a road to more sales, more visibility, or simply a better organization.

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eCommerce Development

Do you want an eCommerce platform where you can sell your products online? If you’ve got the products and the customers to buy them, we can build the online store that keeps your business running. If you sell products in the 21st century, you need an eCommerce platform to show your best stuff online. Working in Ruby, our talented developers will create an intuitive, user-friendly store that appeals to even the most technologically challenged visitors who come across your site. Ready to learn more?

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Blurred store with seller and gadgets on the background. Purchase of headphones by fingerprint scanning in smart pay app.

App Development

Are you looking to develop an app? Our development capacity goes far beyond simple content-based websites. We’re also in the app development business. Working with a talented, full team of Ruby developers, we can code apps of all shapes and sizes, from simple mobile apps to scalable, multilayered enterprises. Ready to learn more?

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Web Development

Are you interested in developing a website from scratch? Working with a talented, full team of Ruby developers from Cleveland Office, our websites simply kick ass. Whether we’re designing a site for you from scratch or we’re coding one you’ve already laid out, we’ll make sure your site is fast, responsive, and bug-free. We use agile development to harness the power of ongoing collaboration, and offer a range of options for every possible budget. Ready to learn more?