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Startup Tech Companies

Startup tech companies face new challenges every day. Budgets are tight, visibility is limited, and you generally have no idea when your product is going to be ready to launch. If you want to get a head start on the competition and start building an audience, you need marketing efficiency. That means getting the most visibility for the least amount of spending. You also need a reliable partner who can build your product from the ground up without compromising your deadlines or going over budget. At Quez Media, we know what it means to be an entrepreneur, and we’ll do anything it takes to make your business successful. Your budget is our budget, your priorities are our priorities, and your success is our success.

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GreenCents is an intuitive consumer-facing app that collects data about your energy consumption and makes active recommendations how you can save energy. Powered by Quez Media technology and with a sleek, distinctively Quez design, the GreenCents app has helped thousands of people save money on their energy bills.

Employee Home View

Employee HomeView offers a large suite of alternative benefits to employers, employees, and people that are relocating. So, the owner came to Quez with the task of not only organizing this large suite of products so that it makes sense structurally, but also with the demand that it had to look great and be easy to use. The result is the brand new a comprehensive web app that is unlike anything else on the market today.

Star Energy Partners

When Star Energy Partners first sat down with Quez Media, all they had was a great idea and a name. They needed an identity, a brand, a marketing plan, print materials, and most importantly- the complex, state-of-the-art web app that would make or break their entire business. Quez was tasked with mapping out the new site while designing the multi-tiered architecture of the platform, and then building it all into a design that was spacious, appealing, and of course, responsive.