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Modern manufacturers are struggling. Old-school marketing techniques like magazine ads and word-of-mouth reputation building just aren’t cutting it anymore. In order to thrive in a 21st century market and edge out the looming competition, manufacturers have to take a step forward: they must reimagine themselves from the ground up. A new brand can speak to the modern customer. A new website can improve user experience and build brand loyalty. An inbound marketing campaign can attract new business in revolutionary new ways. However you choose to do it, you must adapt to the digital world—and we’ve got the experience necessary to make that transition a smooth one. Need some direction? Check out our free whitepaper series for manufacturers!

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Heat Seal was a classic case of the "great product, terrible website" companies, but unlike so many still out there today, they understood that they needed to change. Quez Media scrapped the old site and started new, designing and building out a three-phase site architecture that not only gave them a brand new, professional look, but introduced a custom ordering catalog, shopping cart, web app, content optimization, and a social media presence to connect with old customers and reach out to new.

Federal Gear

Federal Gear has one impressive resume, building specialized gears that were used from the ground of World War II, to the stratosphere on the space shuttle. Quez Media was called upon to first refresh the brand to take on a modern look, while paying tribute to the wonderful history of the Ohio-based company. The new logo features an iconic mark of an involute gear, which has become the unique symbol and signage for the company, and a strong, bold font that emits a sense of authority and leadership. The tagline is simple and to the point. The all new website is a thing of beauty, if we may say so ourselves, built under a steel header and centered name plate that reinforces that authoritative presence throughout all pages of the site.