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Whether you’re a preschool or a university, in education, your heart is in your students. You want to acquire more students in more ways, and you want to collect the funding necessary to give those students the best possible education. In the education sector, everything comes down to reputation, and the best way to build that reputation is through consistent, multi-channel marketing. With a solid brand, voice, and digital marketing strategy, you can speak to the kids and parents you need to persuade and start making the impact necessary to achieve your long-term vision. We know how to market in education, and we’ve got the history to prove it.

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John Carroll University

John Carroll University called upon Quez to help with their enrollment marketing, looking for a fresh style and design of new marketing pieces that young collegiate types at the Jesuit school would take an interest in actually reading. After much collaboration, the resulting efforts produced a series of print pieces, including mailers and postcards advertising different events at the campus that used a photo-heavy design covered in white handwriting scripts, inspired by notes taken in class. A large format poster folded out to hang on the wall, featuring different chunks of information about John Carroll University in the different folded panels.

Columbia Academy

Columbia Academy is a wonderful set of schools based out of Maryland, and the new owners had a great mind for branding and marketing. They came to Quez with a dated brand, and needed something stronger to captivate parents and students alike. The new identity uses brighter colors, giving the brand a lively feel that is more appropriate for a progressive preschool-to-8th grade private school system. The old eagle is gone, but a tribute to it remains in the abstract wings that make up the iconic mark of the logo. The all-new site is bright, fun, big, and very easy to read and navigate. Every single page features a unique photo and tagline, written with the new fun, witty voice of Columbia Academy. Print advertisements, onsite content, and social media channels all carry that same voice, attracting thousands of new visitors to the site every month.