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Why the App Won the Tech War


Over the years, the evolution of technology has favored the development of the mobile application.

Technology has grown in several different directions throughout the dawn of the digital age, first favoring the term “software” for different pieces of programming used on computers. But now, applications are ingrained in the public mind. They are available on everything from computers, tablets, and smartphones to unusual one-off appliances like cars and refrigerators.

As Devanshi Garg, COO of Icreon Tech, writes in a recent feature, the past 10 years have seen explosive growth in terms of the number of apps available, the public demand for apps, as well as what constitutes designation as an “app” to begin with.

Ten years ago, nomenclature was varied. Software and programs were usually the names given to large, clunky pieces of code that took CDs and effort to install on a machine. Video games once made people think of console systems attached directly to the TV. Now, the most popular video games are small, pocket apps that can be downloaded and played on any mobile device.

The name “app” can now apply to virtually any kind of program, piece of software, game, or widget that is used on some kind of technological platform. It is digestible, small, and simple to use. The term “app” is guiding the direction of all program development, causing developers to focus more on features that can be created with minimalism and a focus on user experience.

One of the biggest reasons for the blowout and continuing success of apps is their availability. New platforms like app stores are made readily available, so people can conveniently browse and judge the next best thing as quickly as they like. Information is made more available, and people are able to make faster, more reliable decisions.

So what does this mean for the future of technology development? The life and dominance of the “app” will no doubt continue for a long time, but if its rise is any indication of possible future trends, developers should take note: information availability and minimalism are important tenets of any piece of technology. Future “app” like features will likely increase these characteristics.

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