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What Investors Look For in Business Plans of Startup Tech Companies


Writing a business plan is difficult enough without worrying about what investors will think of it, but these insights can help you maximize your potential impact in the investor crowd.

When you’re ready to write your business plan, you’ll need to keep lots of audiences in mind; you’ll need to set a course for your potential employees and partners, you’ll need to lay out a template for yourself, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to prepare to attract and entice investors.

Writing a business plan for investors takes a different level of commitment and a different approach, but as long as you know what you’re doing, you can create a masterful and attractive business plan that will set your company up for success and simultaneously put you in a great position to obtain funding.

When investors look for great new startup business plans, they look for these key characteristics, so make sure you include them:

·         Your experience. Investors aren’t going to put their money into a venture you know nothing about. Make sure you or your partners have some real experience in your chosen industry, and showcase that in your business plan.

·         Unique value. Your idea might be great, but you need to make sure it is unique. Highlight what differentiates your business from your competitors.

·         Demographic information. Who is going to be buying your product or service? Why will they be buying it? Present this information and back it up with research.

·         Realistic projections. How much money are you going to make your investors? Be as realistic as possible—investors don’t want to see overinflated numbers any more than they want to see flat ones.

·         Cash flow statements. Be realistic and conservative with your cash flow projections. Demonstrate a working knowledge of how a real business runs.

Once you’re done drafting your business plan, it’s time to revise and revise again. Don’t skimp out on your business plan—polish it to perfection. Only when it includes everything should you start showcasing it to potential investors.

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