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5 Ways Social Media Marketing Has Changed in the Past 5 Years

Social media marketing is always changing, and the last 5 years are no exception.

Social media marketing has led an interesting path, rising up from being a mockery in the marketing industry to a staple of modern consumer interactions. But even in the past 5 years, as social media marketing has been firmly established, the strategy has undergone some significant changes:

Organic reach isn’t as available. Social platforms know how much power they hold for businesses, and they want to use it to generate a profit. Accordingly, it’s harder to get organic reach on most popular platforms, especially Facebook. Platforms are pushing businesses to pay for advertising to build an audience.

  • Platforms have diversified. The number and type of platforms has grown significantly in the past 5 years. There are more options for posting and advertising than ever before.
  • Audiences have clustered. Demographics have begun to cluster to different platforms as well, with younger audiences preferring platforms like Snapchat and other newcomers.
  • Targeting and measurements are much more advanced. New tech from the past five years has made it easier for businesses to target highly specific audiences, and measure their results more accurately. The end result is that marketers have more tools to operate effectively–as long as they know how to use them.
  • The passive approach doesn’t work. It’s no longer possible to build an audience using the passive approach of making good posts and hoping the audience comes to you. Instead, you have to go out and get the audience. Competition is too fierce and organic reach is too low for a passive campaign to thrive.

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