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The 5 Advantages of Using a Personal Brand to Complement a Corporate Brand

Personal brands offer many unique advantages that corporate brands simply can’t match.

If you’re promoting a corporate brand on social media, you’ll notice there are some hard limits to how much of an audience you can build and how fast you can scale your efforts. Fortunately, with a personal brand in tow, you can multiply your effectiveness.

The idea is to create a personal brand for you and/or your employees, creating yourselves as experts in your business’s niche, and creating and promoting individual content that complements, enhances, or otherwise serves the core corporate brand’s.

These are the biggest advantages of such a strategy:

  1. Trust. People trust other people more than they trust corporations. Immediately, your content will be seen as more trustworthy since it’s coming from an individual source.
  2. Visibility. If your core social media account has 1,000 followers, and each of your 2 personal brands has 500 followers, you’ll instantly double your audience by sharing a piece of content with each of those personal accounts. Over time, your visibility will increase even further.
  3. Employee incentives. Employees are incentivized to build and maintain personal brands, since it will be beneficial to them both within your business and should they ever choose to leave it.
  4. Publication opportunities. Leveraging personal brands gives you more opportunities with publishers, since most publishers are willing to accept individual guest posters, but not corporate guest posters.
  5. Collective authority. Finally, for every employee under your brand who has a reputation of their own, your collective authority and reputation will improve.

Creating a personal brand doesn’t take much work, but it can instantly double your effectiveness. If you need help getting started, be sure to contact Quez Media today!

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