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4 Easy Tricks to Get More Social Media Engagements

Getting more engagements on social media doesn’t have to be complicated.

One of the best metrics for success in the world of social media marketing is “engagements.” An engagement is a blanket term for any point of action taken by a follower or user; it includes things like liking your posts, commenting on your content, or sharing an image with their followers. This is valuable because it makes your content more visible, and is a sign that you’ve truly made an impact on your audience.

Accordingly, most social media marketers are obsessed with getting more engagements. The obvious solution to this is to make better content, but this is a tricky and nuanced field. Instead, you can take some shortcuts like these to increase your engagement rate.

  1. Pay to play. It’s not the most appealing option, but it is available. These days, it’s hard to get organic views for your content. Instead, you can boost the visibility of your material by paying for social media advertising. Assuming you have the budget for it, it’s a good boost for your brand.
  2. Get controversial. While it’s tempting to write and publish “safe” content that all your followers will enjoy, it’s usually better to develop something controversial. Controversy invites discussion, and sometimes arguments. Though debates and arguments can get heated, the end result is that you’ll get more visibility for your work.
  3. Appeal to emotions. People are far more likely to comment on, like, and share materials that stimulate strong emotions. Try to post something surprising, exciting, or enraging for your target audience.
  4. Reply as often as possible. The best way to stimulate and encourage further discussion is to get involved in the discussions yourself. Reply to people as frequently as possible, and make people feel heard.

An engagement rate is helpful, but it isn’t enough to propel your marketing strategy forward; you’ll also need a good conversion strategy, and complementary marketing strategies to support your social media efforts. If you need help, contact Quez Media for a free consultation today!

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