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How to Start Building SEO Links With No Experience

Even with no experience, you can start building links for SEO.

In search engine optimization (SEO), links are indispensable. Google preferentially ranks webpages that have a high rating of authority, or trustworthiness, so that its users get access to the best possible content online. One of the most important ways it determines authority is by calculating the number and quality of links pointing to a given page; the more links it has, the higher it tends to rank.

Of course, building links is much more complicated than it seems. If you simply copy and paste your link across the web, on forum comments, blog posts, and other public areas, you’re probably going to earn a Google penalty, rather than seeing a ranking increase; this is because Google fights spam aggressively.

So how can you start building SEO links from scratch if you have no experience and you don’t know what you’re doing?

Start With Strong Onsite Content

Your first step is creating powerful onsite content. You need to have an ample body of well-written blog posts, full of original research, interesting insights, and other unique features. Why? Because this can justify the presence of your offsite links; it’s completely reasonable to cite a post if you’re referencing statistics within it, or if you’re pointing users to more valuable information. Plus, this is a great opportunity to boost your website’s authority naturally and optimize for specific keywords.

Reach Out to Accessible Publishers

Next, start reaching out to accessible publishers – editors that will be happy to host your content. Niche publishers aligned with your industry and local publications are ideal here. Make pitches to write posts for their websites – and use your onsite posts as examples of your work.

Establish Links That Are Valuable

Finally, establish links that are valuable to the users who encounter them. Don’t shoehorn your link into a place where it doesn’t belong; instead, make it seem as natural, informative, and useful as possible.

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