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5 Mistakes That Kill Your Email Subject Lines

Email subject line mistakes can ruin your email marketing potential.

You probably already recognize the power of email marketing. It’s one of the highest-ROI marketing strategies around, in part because of its inexpensiveness.

But you aren’t guaranteed to see good results with an email marketing campaign. In fact, most email campaigns end up underperforming due to basic mistakes made by the people executing them.

Among these, subject line mistakes are some of the most damaging. That’s because subject lines are arguably the most important part of your outgoing emails. Without a strong subject line, people simply won’t open your message, which means you won’t be able to achieve any of your other goals.

These are some of the top email subject line mistakes that companies make:

  1. Running too long. Your email subject line should be as concise as possible. If you include too many words, you’re going to lose the attention of your recipients and possibly have your subject line cut off.
  2. Choosing something generic. Your subject line should stand out. If you’re using a vague or nondescript phrase, people aren’t going to be interested enough to open the message.
  3. Copying successful strategies. It’s sometimes effective to learn the successful tactics that other businesses are using, but it’s a bad idea to directly copy them. If you do, you’ll be seen as unoriginal and people will quickly lose interest.
  4. Including spammy words. Certain words trigger spam filters, meaning you’ll run a much higher risk of having your message never reach your recipients’ email inboxes. Watch out for words and phrases like “free” or “act now!”
  5. Neglecting your target audience. There’s no single right way to approach email subject lines. That’s because each target audience is going to need something slightly different. If you’re ignoring your target audience or writing for a general audience, you’re going to see inferior results.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to help you avoid some of these top mistakes and improve your email marketing results. But if you need some extra help, contact us for a free consultation today!

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