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Why Your Headlines Aren’t Getting Clicks

If your headlines aren’t getting clicks, there are a few probable causes to investigate.

If you want your content marketing strategy to be effective, you need to get people to click on your links, usually with the help of compelling headlines. It doesn’t matter how good your body content is; If your headlines aren’t good enough or interesting enough to generate real traffic, nobody’s going to get the chance to read it.

So what are the root causes of this? And what are the best ways to fix it?

These are some of the most common reasons why headlines don’t get clicks:

  • The wrong publisher. Choosing the wrong publisher means you’re not going to you have access to enough people to generate significant traffic. The bigger publisher, and the bigger the audience, the better.
  • The wrong audience. Speaking of audience, you might be targeting the wrong one. Your headlines need to be crafted to speak to a specific target demographic. If you targeting is off or you’re seeking your audience in the wrong place, it’s not going to work out for you.
  • Overlong, wordy headlines. Headlines need to be concise and focused. If yours are too long or if they’re too wordy, they’re not going to be effective.
  • Familiar, mundane headlines. The best headlines tend to be sensational, at least in some respects. If your headline confirms something that people already know or if it’s too familiar or mundane, it’s not going to work.
  • Clichéd, unoriginal headlines. Similarly, if your headlines follow an existing formula or if they’re completely unoriginal, they’re going to fall flat.
  • Totally descriptive headlines. If you can figure out the entire point of an article just by reading the headline, why would you bother reading the content? It’s better to tease the content waiting within than to give everything away upfront.

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