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Why People Find Videos More Engaging Than Written Content

Increasingly, people are turning to video as a substitute for written content.

Video content creation is growing to be more popular as people turn to videos over written pieces of content. The internet is reshaping itself to be a place to create and distribute videos, more than anything else.

But why is this the case? Why are videos so valuable? And why do people find videos more engaging than written content?

The Visual Human Brain

One explanation is the fact that the human brain is wired to value and interpret visual information more than other types of information. We’re used to evaluating our environments and drawing conclusions based on what we see. Accordingly, watching videos is much faster and more efficient than reading an article on the subject. Even if you’re a speed reader or a person naturally gifted at linguistic interpretation, videos will probably still be faster.

The Pain of Reading on Mobile Devices

Another explanation is the increasing role that mobile devices play in our lives. These days, more than half of all global Internet usage is on a mobile device. Reading written content on a mobile device is a pain, while watching a mobile video it is convenient and accessible. Naturally, given the option, people will choose a visual depiction of information while using one of these devices.

Better Internet

We also live in a world with faster, much more reliable internet. Even a decade ago, most of us struggled to stream videos consistently on mobile devices due to Internet accessibility and speed issues. These days, even basic Internet packages and phone plans provide sufficient capabilities for streaming high-definition videos indefinitely.

Pressure to Adapt

We also need to acknowledge the pressure to adapt. As consumers start to prefer video content, more people start churning out video content, which in turn, prompts more people to watch videos at a frequent rate.

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