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Why Digital Marketers Are Divided on AI

AI isn’t everything: why digital marketers are divided.

Is AI about to fully revolutionize the entire world of digital marketing?

Or our current AI tools glorified partner tricks that can never match the creativity and ingenuity of real human beings?

Depending on who you ask in the marketing world, you’re probably going to get a wide range of possible answers.

Controversy and debate are nothing new in the digital marketing industry. From its original inception to its modern state, there have been proponents and opponents of search engine optimization (SEO) and pretty much any other digital marketing strategy you can think of.

But when it comes to AI, this divisive gap is especially intriguing. We’ve all seen what generative AI tools and other AI-powered technologies are capable of – so how can there be such a disparity among seemingly equally qualified experts?

This divisiveness can be reduced to a handful of important acknowledgements.

Purpose and Functionality

First, people treat AI in different ways. If you’re judging it based on its ability to fully automate or replicate human work, you’re probably going to be disappointed. But if you’re simply comparing it to a standard search engine experience, you’re probably going to be impressed. As with so many other debates in life, much depends on your preconceived notions and what question you’re trying to answer.

Ambiguous Guidance

It doesn’t help that Google and other big technology companies are providing ambiguous guidance when it comes to AI generated content. For example, Google is agnostic on AI generated content when it comes to search engine rankings; However, it warns that any type of low-quality content is at risk of being penalized. So where’s the line when it comes to AI generated content quality?

Initial Results

People are also seeing very mixed results when it comes to using AI in a practical setting. For some, it’s a massive time saver. For others, it’s an unnecessary complication. For some, it can boost conversion rates. For others, it’s a total waste of time.

Your mileage may vary.

Some people view this as an industry wide debate, but realistically, the value of AI depends on what your philosophy is and what you’re using it for. While it certainly has the potential to be powerful, it’s not the omnipotent tool that some people think it is.

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