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How to Invite More Guest Authors to Your Blog (and Why You Should)

Inviting more guest authors to your blog can boost your content marketing strategy.

Guest authorship is rising in popularity – both because there are more content creators eager for a chance to get more visibility and because more brands are inviting guest authors to contribute to their platforms. As the owner of a blog, you should know there are several benefits to inviting more guest contributions, including:

  • Time savings, since every guest contribution is a post you won’t have to write yourself.
  • Cross promotion, since both you and your guest author will likely be promoting the post.
  • A diverse mix of voices, so your audience doesn’t get bored of reading the same voice and the same opinions.
  • More inbound links, because your guest author will probably link to their own work elsewhere.
  • Better relationships, as each new guest author is an addition to your network.

How to Invite More Guest Authors

If you want these benefits, there are several ways to get them, including:

  • Make it clear you accept guest contributions. On your blog, state that you’re looking for guest authors to contribute to your platform. Give them a link or an email address they can use to make a pitch. If your blog is popular enough, you’ll likely get an inbound stream of interested participants.
  • Do some guest posting yourself. Do some guest posting of your own. Contribute to external blogs and share your opinion on new platforms. It’s a great way to get additional visibility and integrate yourself in this blogging community.
  • Reach out to individuals in your industry. Don’t be shy – feel free to reach out to authors you know like contributing to other platforms. Send a quick message that you’re open for new pitches.
  • Collaborate with contributors. Consider working together with another author on a jointly created piece. It’s a great way to kick off a new professional relationship.

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