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How Authenticity Became So Important in Modern Marketing

Authenticity is more important than ever.

Modern consumers crave authenticity, some marketers and business owners are increasingly trying to provide it. But how did authenticity become so important?

There are several explanations in play here.

For starters, we need to acknowledge that marketing and advertising have largely been synthetic, artificially design strategies meant specifically to appeal to target demographics – rather than presenting ideas sincerely and authentically.

We also need to consider the role that the modern internet and social media have played; online, people are more likely to distort their own personalities, beliefs, and behaviors.

And of course, in an era of remote work and deliverable products, we’re all more isolated than ever before. We crave authenticity in every interaction we can get.

So how do you incorporate authenticity into your marketing strategy?

These are just a few ideas that can get you started:

  • Showcase real people. First, showcase real people whenever you can. That could mean interviewing real customers about their opinions on your product, interviewing employees as realistically as possible, or using even more creative strategies.
  • Express even your controversial ideas openly. Express all your ideas as openly as possible, including your controversial ones. Anyone can freely state safe and bland opinions; you have to be authentic before voicing your spicy and less commonly accepted takes.
  • Remain transparent at all times. Keep your business communications as open, honest, and transparent as possible. This is especially important in the wake of disaster, or when your business is being criticized. Withholding information is never a good move if you want your consumers to trust you.
  • Lean into the factors that make your voice unique. Finally, be ready to lean into the factors that make your brand voice unique. What does your brand have that no other brand has? What makes your organization’s collective voice so distinctly appealing?

Are you interested in reshaping your marketing strategy to become more sincere and authentic? Or are you trying to build better results in other strategic marketing areas? We can help. Contact us for a free consultation today!


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