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5 Sources of Information to Research Your Target Market

Market research is vital if you want to understand your target market.

Your marketing and advertising strategy is practically worthless if you don’t know your target audience. Writing or designing for a general crow will make your message seem irrelevant; instead, you need to understand your target demographic’s wants, needs, and perspectives, then craft a message that’s tailored specifically for them.

The trouble is, most companies aren’t sure where to start researching their target demographics. Fortunately, there are a handful of accessible sources that can get you started:

  1. Market research companies. The easiest thing to do is contact a market research company, which specializes in providing information on your target demographics. You’ll get all the information you need; the only problem is these market research reports tend to be expensive.
  2. The Census Bureau. If you’re looking for free information, the United States Census Bureau is a good place to start. There, you can find data points on the American population, including things like salary, household size, and even spending habits.
  3. Industry sources. You can also look to industry sources, such as publications specific to your industry, to find data on your shared demographics. You may even be able to find valuable information from your competitors.
  4. If you’re looking for more specific information that you haven’t yet been able to find, consider conducting your own survey; it may be time-intensive, but you’ll get all the information you want (if the incentives are spot on).
  5. The SBA. Another government source of information, the SBA is full of valuable information you can use to better understand your target audience; it’s also full of helpful tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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