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4 Tips for Better AB Testing in Your Digital Marketing Campaign

AB testing is incredibly useful, but only if you use it properly.

Digital marketing can help you promote your business, increasing its visibility and improving its reputation at the same time. But how do you know if your tactics are working? Or if you’re using the best tactics available?

One of the best systems to find out is AB testing, also called split testing. In this form of experimentation, you’ll create two variations of the same advertisement, landing page, or piece of marketing collateral. These versions will be very similar, with one or two significant differences. After a brief test, you’ll figure out which version is better and draw conclusions that you can use to improve your marketing campaigns in the future.

So how can you make your AB testing better?

  1. Isolate your variables. AB testing works best if you have isolated variables. In other words, if one version is better than the other, it should be very clear which variable was responsible for the difference. If you change too many things between your versions, you won’t be able to form a firm conclusion on this front.
  2. Be bold. This is an experiment, so it pays to be bold. Going with two safe options for your different versions will likely lead you to reasonable results – but you’ll be stuck in a realm of complacency and mediocrity. Try something truly unique; it’s your chance to see if you can broaden your horizons.
  3. Use the same audience. Test both versions of your marketing and advertising with the same demographics. If you test these versions with different audiences, you won’t have a reliable conclusion.
  4. Get the right sample size. Make sure you’re using an adequate sample size as well. If you’re looking at too few people, your conclusions may not be representative of the broader population. At the same time, if your test is too large, you may end up wasting money or resources.

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