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How Much Does Website Design Cost?

In many ways, starting a website has made it easier than ever to get a new business running. However, it isn’t enough to simply buy a domain name and post your basic contact information. Google rates websites based on the quality of their design, meaning that a substandard site can take a toll on your business’s online visibility. Moreover, the average viewer has highly selective web browsing habits, especially now that mobile devices are so ubiquitous: a survey from Google showed that 48% of mobile device users felt a company didn’t care about them if their mobile website wasn’t easy to use.

In contrast, a good, well-implemented website design can have the opposite effect: research has found that online content that includes an image gets 94% more views than that which does not. Because of this, it is important to seek out website design and hosting services from online marketing companies that are experts at creating effective, easy to use web pages. But when you hire one of these internet marketing firms, what website design costs are a fair price for the services being offered?

Website design costs depend on the work that is being done, as well as the quality of the services being offered. Read on to learn what you should expect to pay for your new or redesigned website.

A New Site Versus a Redesign

Unsurprisingly, creating a new website usually costs more than redesigning an old one. However, there are some advantages to starting fresh, such as the ability to work closely with a designer to create exactly what you want. While prices depend on the company, expect to pay at least $250 for a redesign and $500 for a new website.

Graphics and Tools

There is a significant amount of research supporting the use of pictures and blogs on company websites. However, graphics are difficult to create, stock photos are expensive, and blogs can take some work to integrate with your website design. As a result, these seemingly simple options can take up a significant part of your budget: it can take at least $250 to integrate pictures, another $500 to customize and use templates, and $1200 to create new graphics, among other website design costs. For a blog, it can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 to get this important feature integrated and running. However, these qualities are often vital when it comes to engaging customers and can be worth the prices as a result.

Mobile Design

As previously mentioned, mobile design can have a big impact on how you are perceived by users. However, creating a responsive web design, which adapts to different devices, is difficult. Expect to pay around $750, and add $150 per device size.

In addition to the common services listed above, there are more website design costs that can apply if you want to bring your ideas to life. For example, your website might need multimedia or special features like social media integration to help reach your users. Additionally, it might make sense to have your design and marketing agency perform other services, like maintenance and content addition. These will add on to your website design costs, but may be worth it for the convenience and results. Talk to a website design agency about their services and costs today to determine what you need to succeed.

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