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Why Your Web Design Isn’t Working

There are many reasons why your web design may not be working.

How long have you had your website? Has it been a year? A few years? And how satisfied are you with your results so far? If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that your website isn’t performing as optimally as you’d like it to; you may intuitively feel that something is off with the design, but you aren’t sure what.

So what exactly could go wrong with the design?

  • It’s too dated. If you’re relying on design standards from 2007, or even from 2015, you’re doing something wrong. The world of internet design and user experience moves quickly, and you need to adapt if you want to survive.
  • It doesn’t serve your niche. Who is your website intended for? What are other websites in your industry doing? There’s a benefit to standing out (as you’ll see), but your website should also fit your niche.
  • It doesn’t fit your brand. How effectively does your website demonstrate your brand? Does it accurately capture your values, intentions, and personality? If not, then people probably won’t engage with it or remember it.
  • It’s unoriginal. If you used a stock template or copied someone else’s design, you may look unoriginal. Your website should stand apart from others, with striking features that no other website can offer.
  • There’s no value. What are you providing to your users? Do you have lots of high-quality content? Without some kind of value, your users won’t return for a second visit.
  • There’s no CTA. How do you expect customers to engage with you? Without a clear call-to-action motivating them to make a purchase or contact you, your visitors will never convert.

Design is just one element of a comprehensive online brand strategy, and any combination of elements could interfere with your odds of success. For help with practically every channel and every problem, contact Quez Media for help today!

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