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Five Signs of a Poor Quality Website

Today, businesses are often told that in order to succeed, they have to get online, whether that means starting a website, creating social media accounts, or learning how to market a company in the age of the Internet. However, few are told that it isn’t enough to simply join the worldwide web: the quality of their online presence is also extremely important when it comes to attracting customers and making sales. For example, studies show that only 30% of companies respond to customer feedback they receive on social media. This means that if a website takes the time to leave a lasting impression, customers will notice.

One of the best places any company can start making changes is in the design of their website. Even though Google and other search engines actually use website quality as a factor in ranking search results, many businesses still make amateur mistakes that can jeopardize their overall appearance and user experience. Before you start looking for a local SEO agency or internet marketing firm to draw attention to your website, hire a custom website design company to help you get rid of these markers of low quality:

Tacky Social Media Icons
Social media is important as ever, with an estimated 91% of American adults using various websites like Facebook and Twitter regularly. For that reason, it makes sense to include icons that will direct users to your social media pages so they can like, share, and favorite content they enjoy. However, buttons need to be integrated into your website’s design, just like any other feature, to keep it from looking jarring.

Page Title
Not only does every web page on your site need to have a title, but these names need to be clear and identifiable to help users navigate and find information. A website design and hosting professional can help you with this.

Language and Formatting
Your website should be written and formatted to be comprehensible and attractive. No user enjoys trying to read confusing, error-riddled content, much less a paragraph that has been mashed together. Hire an editor or a web designer able to help you write out your information, make sure your font size is legible, and remember that whitespace is your friend.

Graphics and Images
Web users rely on images to help them make purchasing decisions. For this reason, you should make sure to use clear, high quality pictures of your products to convince customers to order or hire your business. Likewise, stock photos should be discarded in favor of great graphics and pictures that paint your company as professional and effective.

Some websites rely on advertisements to help fund web hosting costs and other expenses, but these can look unprofessional on a company website. Moreover, targeted advertising campaigns mean that those advertising spaces will likely go to your competitors, drawing business away from your company through your own website.

If your website has some of these questionable qualities, it isn’t too late to make a change for the better: search for a local SEO agency or online marketing company that specializes in web design and other forms of internet advertising. By working with these experts, you are sure to emerge with a better website and a plan to help you market your company online. Contact a local SEO agency today to discuss redesigning your website!

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