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Conditioning and Brand Design

Branding is one of the most important elements of your company, responsible for building and maintaining your reputation as a business entity. The better relationship your customers have with your brand, the more business you are liable to receive. Many business professionals utilize branding as a way to target new audiences and build customer loyalty, but few recognize the psychology behind the tactics.

There are actually several elements of psychology responsible for the power of consistent branding. Understanding this psychology allows you to more powerfully and consciously incorporate your branding tactics.

Consistent Branding

Consistent branding is responsible for a number of successful business attributes, including familiarity and loyalty in regular audiences. Once your business attains a certain level of reputation, brand consistency is also responsible for attracting new audiences to the company. Without consistency, audiences become alienated, unable to recognize or appreciate your brand. While there is an element of standard recognition responsible for this, certain psychological theories better explain the tendency for this audience appeal. 

Classic Conditioning

Classic conditioning is a theory in behavioral psychology that attempts to explain how people and animals learn. According to the theory, humans are naturally conditioned to behave in certain ways based on associations with positive or negative outcomes. While this is usually attributable to a reward and punishment scenario, such as giving a child candy for good behavior, this model can be applied to the world of marketing.

Psychology and Branding

You want your brand to be consistent in order to harness the full power of classic conditioning. The more people see your brand and have positive experiences, the better results you will see as a business. Make sure your brand is everywhere, and consistent enough to be recognizable. Eventually, people cognitively associate your brand with positive experiences in general, and are more drawn to it.

Understanding the psychology behind brand consistency is key to realizing its power in marketing.

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