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Comparing the Costs of a Social Marketing Firm to the Rewards

Digital marketing firms have quickly become an essential part of many businesses’ success online. With eMarketer estimating that web users across the world will spend $1.5 trillion on goods and services purchased online by the end of 2014, the role of internet marketing firms will not be diminishing anytime soon.

One of the biggest growth sectors in the online world has been social media. According to Statistic Brain, more than two billion people use social media platforms, like Facebook and Tumblr, to connect with friends, play games, and track their favorite brands. That’s where social marketing firms come into play. Whereas some marketing companies focus on web design and others focus on copywriting, social marketing firms focus on building their clients’ social media presence.

The Average Cost of Social Marketing Firms

Social marketing firms are often looked at with a suspicious eye. Quite simply, as was the case before with SEO, many companies feel like they can market themselves on social media without any help from others, and they can do so without accruing a bill. However, as the Digital Buzz Blog shows, running social media campaigns in-house is often more expensive than outsourcing. In-house social media marketing means paying staff, funding advertising campaigns to draw people to social media pages, and much more. While the price varies from one social marketing firm to the next, most experts agree that outsourcing to social media marketing professionals is not only cheaper, but it comes with a number of added benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Social Marketing Firm?

  1. Increased Business ExposureThe biggest benefit of using online ad agencies focused on social media is their ability to increase your business’s exposure. According to a study by Social Media Today, 89% of businesses say that social media has brought their brand more exposure. Additionally, 62% say that a long-term social media marketing effort has increased their appearance in search engine results.
  2. Stronger InfluenceFor Forbes, the number one reason to get professional help with social media is increased influence in your field. As the business magazine writes, a well-crafted approach to social media can help you connect with reporters, fans, and businesses looking to partner with yours. In other words, it’s a cheap, effective way to establish and grow your business authority in the digital age. Social marketing firms can help you craft the strategies to make this dream a reality.
  3. Expansion of Customer ServiceFor many businesses, the number one reason to use social media is to better connect with their customers. As aptly suggests, using social media, whether it’s Twitter or Tumblr, gives your customers a way to connect with your business in real-time, whether to air a grievance or sing your praises. With 89% of consumers saying they’ll abandon a business after a bad customer service experience, getting professional help with your approach to social media can help improve customer service and protect your user-base.

As can clearly be seen, social marketing firms, like their counterparts in SEO and web design, are essential to your success online. Whether you need to increase brand recognition, grow your authority, or improve customer service, a social media firm is the way to go.

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