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The 4 Keys to Making Your Brand Memorable

Having a memorable brand is essential to an effective marketing strategy.

Your marketing and advertising efforts are largely dependent on the effectiveness of your brand. If your brand is memorable—in other words, if it sticks with people—your messaging is going to last longer and become much more effective.

So what steps can you take to make your brand more memorable?

These are some of your best bets:

  1. Strive for originality. No one will remember your brand if it’s too similar to a competitor’s brand. First, you have to differentiate your company in some way. What can you do that your competitors can’t do? Are you targeting a different audience? Are you utilizing a different tone? Next, you have to use marketing and advertising tactics that stand out from your competitors’; otherwise, you’ll blend in as white noise.
  2. Be consistent. For a brand to be memorable, it must be consistent. If you’re too experimental, trying out different approaches and different images and tones, people won’t know what to expect from you. Your brand standards need to be applied consistently in every message, no matter how prominent or how seemingly inconsequential it is.
  3. Always keep your brand prominent. Have you ever seen an ad where you couldn’t really identify the product or the brand promoting it? This happens all too often, and occurs because the brand isn’t prominent enough. If you want people to remember your company, you have to go out of your way to drill it into people’s minds. Make your brand unavoidable. Make it impossible to forget.
  4. Surprise people. One of the strongest ties to memory is novelty; when we experience or encounter something totally new, we’re much more likely to remember it. You can make your brand more memorable by giving people a surprise. Use a tactic they’ve never seen before, or go out of your way to provide exceptional service.

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