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How to Tell If Your Brand Needs an Overhaul

At some point, your brand may need massive rework to fit with the modern world.

Branding is meant to stay consistent; it’s the collection of traits you want customers to associate with your business, so rapid or unexpected changes can harshly compromise your consumer relationships. However, your brand may not stay relevant or appropriate for your company forever; in fact, most major brands eventually go through at least one “overhaul,” changing the company’s visuals, tone, and sometimes even fundamental values.

So how can you tell if your brand is in need of an overhaul?

  1. It’s been many years. If it’s been several years since you’ve touched your brand, it might be time to audit your strategy and consider something new. Even if you don’t go for a full overhaul, a refresh could be beneficial.
  2. Your imagery seems out-of-date. Take a look at your brand and your brand standards. Does it seem out-of-date? You might need to seek an outside opinion if you’re too close to it.
  3. Your competitors are trouncing you. If you have competitors whose brands seem to resonate more with your target audience, you have to stop the bleeding; take a stand by overhauling your own brand in response.
  4. Your customer relationships are suffering. Do your customers recognize, appreciate, and have a relationship with your brand? If not, and your customer relationships are suffering, you’ll want to overhaul the brand.
  5. You’re ready to launch something new. Are you getting ready to launch a major new product or service? If so, it might be the perfect opportunity to update your brand.

Is your brand ready for an overhaul? If so, you’re going to need some help. Contact Quez Media today for a free analysis of your brand, and a consultation on what to do next.

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