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Why Ethics Should Be a Bigger Part of Your Branding

Customers are making more ethical purchasing decisions, so it’s time to adapt.

Today’s customers are making more ethically conscious purchasing decisions. Driven in part by the transparency and global connective potential of social media, and in part due to political considerations of younger generations, it’s no longer enough for your company to offer a good product or service for a good price.

Ethical companies are ones that engage in the following practices:

  • Ethical companies try to minimize their environmental impact, relying on sustainable or renewable resources and reducing their energy consumption and pollutants in the process.
  • Fair hiring and employee treatment. Customers also want to know about your hiring practices. The more diverse your workforce is, and the better you treat them in terms of wages, benefits, and working conditions, the better (in general).
  • Safe, effective products and services. Customers want to be reassured that they’re getting what they pay for. They want companies that go out of their way to ensure their products are safe and their services are effective.
  • Honesty and transparency. Every company makes mistakes, but only a fraction of companies own up to those mistakes. Customers value companies that are honest and transparent above all else.
  • Volunteering and donations. Though less important than the other factors, ethical companies also spend time and money assisting charitable endeavors, or volunteering for local causes.

If you want to improve your brand reputation, and attract and retain more customers, you should work on incorporating more of these ethical practices into your business model. Then, step up your marketing campaign to highlight your involvement in these areas. For example, you could send out more press releases about your volunteer efforts, or include messages on your products about their environmental sustainability.

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