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The 5 Tests Your Brand Needs to Pass to Be Successful

If your brand can’t pass these tests, you might consider a redesign.

Your brand is the key factor that will make your marketing and advertising campaigns successful, so it needs to serve as a strong foundation. If your brand isn’t working, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board, but how can you tell if your brand will “work” or not, on a conceptual level?

These tests can help you understand:

  1. Does your brand explain who you are? This is a big question, and one with many implications. For starters, your brand should be able to convey what your business is, at least to some degree, to total strangers. Can people figure out what you do at a glance? Beyond that, your brand characteristics, including your image and voice, should reflect your core values and mission.
  2. Is your brand directed toward your target audience? Next, consider how you developed your brand. Is this directed toward a specific target audience, or did you create it to serve a general audience? Usually, the more specific your targets are, the better.
  3. Can your brand be easily spotted? Your brand needs to stand out. Does it have a shape, colors, font, and other elements that make it prominent in the landscape of other brands?
  4. Is your brand aesthetically pleasing? This test is a subjective one, but it’s still important. People will associate your design choices with your abilities as a brand, so you need to ensure that your design is pleasing to your audience.
  5. Is your brand distinguished from your competitors? Finally, how is your brand different from those of your competitors? You need to be unique if you want to succeed.

Is your brand able to pass all of these tests? If not, you may be in need of assistance. Contact Quez Media today, and get started on your rebranding campaign!

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