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4 Powerful Tools for Building a Personal Brand

If you want a more powerful personal brand, make sure you use these tools.

Personal brands are powerful assets for promoting a business. They’re more trusted than corporate brands, since they have a human appeal, and can instantly multiply your audience. However, building a personal brand takes time, and you’ll need the right tools to establish a strong foundation while scaling your potential reach.

These are some of the best tools for the job:

  1. A dedicated blog. A blog is a practical necessity for your personal brand. It’s here where you’ll prove your expertise to new and old audience members alike. It will also serve as a hub for all your other channels, since you’ll control all the content you produce here. You can even establish a separate series of calls-to-action here.
  2. Social media profiles. Next, you’ll need to have the right social media profiles in place. It’s tempting to be active on as many channels as possible, since that will increase your potential reach, but it’s better to focus on one or two channels that have the most relevance for your target demographics—at least to start.
  3. A YouTube channel. Video content is becoming increasingly important to modern web users, and YouTube is indisputably the best channel to showcase your work. Use interviews, monologues, reviews, and tutorials to build a subscriber base here (and embed those videos on your site for good measure).
  4. In-person networking. Even in today’s digital age, you can’t discount the power of in-person networking. Attend professional networking events or speaking engagements regularly, and broaden your real-life social network. It’s an easy way to build your online audience and get more involved with your local community simultaneously.

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