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3 Steps to Update Your Brand Without Sacrificing Your Core Identity

What should you do if your brand starts to become obsolete?

After several years, or decades of existence, your brand will start to show signs of age. That logo that looked amazing in 1999 probably won’t keep its luster deep into 2019, and the personality that trounced your competition just a few years ago might not stand up to your freshest competitors today.

However, you may not be willing to commit to a full brand overhaul. After all, you already have a loyal audience, and too drastic a change could alienate them from your company. So how can you update your brand without sacrificing that core identity?

Step One: Separate the Fundamentals

First, try to separate the elements of brand identity that are fundamental to your company from those that are more superficial. For example, what values, philosophies, colors, or styles are so central to your brand identity that they could be changed? And which are starting to show signs of wear as the years roll on? This can be difficult to pinpoint, but it’s an important step to take.

Step Two: Modernize

Take all the elements that appear superficial, or otherwise are starting to show signs of age, and brainstorm ways you can “modernize” them. Sometimes, a simple change in font or a tweak to your core colors can provide a whole new look and feel to your brand. Other times, you can create an entire subset of brand characteristics to serve as a branch from your parent brand.

Step Three: Experiment and Analyze

Finally, draft up some new concepts, possibly including elements like a logo, a tagline, or even a redesigned homepage of your website. Then, test these options with a group from your target demographics. Which changes do they seem to like most? Which ones provide better appeal while still staying true to your core brand? Trust the objective data above all else.

If you’re wondering how your brand might look after a cosmetic update, contact Quez Media today! We can help you design a new logo and develop a new brand that retains your original identity and philosophy.

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