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Avoid These Three Alligator in the Sewer SEO Myths

“Alligators in the sewer” remains one of America’s most enduring urban legends. Urban legends are, not surprisingly, untrue, but are the stories you frequently hear told as “it happened to a friend of a friend” or, “I saw it in the news, I think.” In the 1930s, sensationalist newspapers reported that pet alligators released into New York City sewers had grown to enormous sizes — a myth that has persisted in some circles until this day.

In some ways, good SEO companies are a bit like the alligator in the sewer. You’ll hear a lot of myths about what is and isn’t good for SEO, and many websites taking shots in the dark will spin their guesses as expert knowledge. The problem with bad SEO, though, is that unlike the alligator myth, it will come back to bite you if you’re not careful. Are you ready to figure out what you should be looking for in a great local SEO agency? Here are three tips on separating fact from fiction.

1. Myth: The Better Your Keyword Density, the Better Your Performance
There’s a reason that many a good SEO company has dramatically scaled back on their content keyword density: spammy levels of keyword density end up creating poor quality content. And poor quality content has less relevance with Google search with each passing day. To receive content with legs that will continue assisting your search rank for months to come, opt for higher quality content that incorporates keywords in a way that looks natural to a reader.

2. Myth: SEO is Less Effective Than PPC for Generating ROI
SEO and PPC are not an either/or equation. You can, and should, employ both at the same time. PPC is useful because it generates immediate and predictable results. However, it’s worth noting that 70% of the links users click on in search engine results are organic, not advertisements. If you only use PPC to boost your online visibility, you’re never going to access your full potential customer base. A good SEO company helps you reach your full potential as a business.

3. Myth: There’s Nothing You Can Do to Help Your SEO
Should you hire an SEO marketing agency? Yes. However, it’s a fallacy to assume that all SEO techniques are too complicated for a business owner to attempt themselves. One change you can make is to keep a blog, and update it frequently with fresh and unique content. Studies show that companies blogging 21-50 times a month receive 45% more web traffic. If you have trouble updating that frequently, that’s where an SEO services agency comes in. They can make sure that your marketing doesn’t begin to lag when your business starts to pick up, drawing your attention away from your website.

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