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8 Tricks to Build and Keep an Engaged Social Media Following


In order to maximize your campaign results, it’s best to build a following that regularly engages with your brand.

It isn’t enough to simply build a large social following, with Twitter followers and Facebook likes. Those are numbers, and while they might be impressive, they don’t accurately measure the true strength of your following. The real secret to establishing a social media presence that offers a return on your investment is creating a presence that encourages user interaction. The more engaged your following is, the more likely you are to see real transactions as the result of your work.

Try using these eight tricks to build an engaged social media following:

1.       Acknowledge everything. Anytime a user shares a piece of your content or comments on your page, make an effort to acknowledge it one way or another. This becomes less practical as your following grows, but it’s critically important at the beginning.

2.       Encourage responses. Ask questions and prompt people to respond to your posts. It’s an easy trick to lure people into commenting.

3.       Start new discussions. Find topics that people care about, one way or the other, and make your opinion known. It’s the perfect way to set up an organic discussion on your brand’s page.

4.       Reward active participants. Find a way to reward the most active users on your page, encouraging them to continue and enticing others to follow suit.

5.       Get feedback. Use surveys and activity charts to find out what posts your users appreciate the most.

6.       Have contests using user content. Offer prizes for top content contributors to encourage more people to post.

7.       Take advantage of trends. Watch popular topics and jump on them to captivate your following and encourage more responses.

8.       Joke. Humor cannot be underestimated in a social environment. Joke with your users even if you have to maintain a professional tone in line with your brand while doing so.

Quez Media Marketing has mastered the art of building a social media following. For a free review of your current strategy and recommendations for a new campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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