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5 Things to Do Before Building Your First SEO Backlink

Before you start link building, take care of these important items.

If you want to manage a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, you need a foundation built on link building. Every link you build to your domain is going to pass authority and make your domain look more trustworthy in the eyes of both Google and your users. Because of this, webmasters are often eager to build links as quickly as possible and as frequently as possible.

But before you build your very first SEO backlink, there are several steps you’ll need to take.

What to Do Before Building Backlinks

To set the right stage for your backlink building campaign, these are the most important steps to take first:

  1. Select your keywords. The best SEO campaigns are grounded with a series of target keywords, guiding the direction of the entire campaign. If you don’t know what these keywords are for your brand, you’re going to be rudderless. Make sure you do your keyword research in advance and use it to inform your content creation and link building efforts.
  2. Cultivate amazing onsite content. It’s going to be much easier for you to build links if you have excellent content on your website. When publishers see high quality content, they’re going to be much more trusting, and much more likely to publish your work on their platforms. Accordingly, amazing onsite content should be your highest priority.
  3. Submit a press release. Consider submitting a press release for your brand. It’s a quick and easy way to get some inexpensive publicity, and you’re likely pick up a few dofollow links in the process. Once you’ve established yourself, you’ll have much more flexibility on which links you build next.
  4. Choose a target. Before building a link, choose a publisher you feel would best support your goals and your brand. Look for low hanging fruit (i.e., publishers that willingly take on content submissions from new contributors) and publishers related to your industry directly.
  5. Create a plan to scale. You have to build links slowly at first to avoid potential penalties, but it’s also good to start with a plan for how to scale. How are you going to grow your link building efforts in the future?

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