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5 Reasons Your Website is Obsolete


It might be hard to make a firm decision on when it’s time to upgrade your website. The world of technology is always advancing, so it’s difficult to draw the line of when your website is finally considered “obsolete.” So we’re making it easy for you! If any of these five reasons apply to your site, you know it’s time for a rebuild.

It’s Not Responsive

More and more people are viewing web pages on mobile devices, and that trend will likely continue. If your site isn’t responsive, it may not appear properly on all Internet-capable devices, and that means fewer users will be able to appreciate your site.

It Has Flash Animation

Flash animation is obsolete. It’s that simple. If your site was designed with flash animation, it was designed in a different era and it’s time to consider an upgrade. Flash doesn’t necessarily indicate a bad website, but it’s a good indication that you don’t have a modern site.

Your Navigation is Unnavigable

If users have any difficulty at all getting around your site, your site needs a redesign immediately. Navigation should be logical, straightforward, and easy for anybody to understand. If it isn’t, you should consider mapping out a better system and build the site around a more intuitive site map.

There’s No Call to Action

Maybe your site still looks pretty good but doesn’t feature a call to action. Users need some sort of prompt if your website is going to be effective in any way. It could be a contact form, it could be a direction to a specific phone number, or it could be something else entirely. But you need a way to get information and get more leads and sales.

You Have Nothing but Graphics

If there’s no real text on your webpage and everything is based on graphics, you know your site is obsolete. An easy way to test for this is to try highlighting text—if you can’t, it means the text is embedded in a graphic. And if you have embedded text everywhere in the site, odds are your web page was designed in the days of antiquated standards.

If you’d like a free website analysis to see how modern or obsolete your web presence is, reach out to us and we’ll do the dirty analytic work for you.

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