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5 Marketing Tips to Learn from the Terminator


The Terminator, a cyborg assassin portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a number of films and other media, is a relentless, nightmarish, sci-fi conquering badass with no emotions, remorse, or apparent weaknesses. He has become an icon for technological superiority and taps into an innate fear of an unstoppable, emotionless villain.

But even if you don’t like the movies, there’s a lot we can learn from the Terminator. He’s no communications expert, certainly, but his demeanor and his approach to his mission carry some strong principles that can be surprisingly applied to the world of marketing and advertising.

Learn from the Terminator with these five solid marketing tips:

1.       Use Technology as Your Skeleton. Underneath the Terminator’s skin is a hard, indestructible metallic skeleton. It’s a framework of technology that supports his strength and stamina. Similarly, your technology should provide the foundation and framework of your marketing and advertising strategy.

2.       Adapt. Part of what makes the Terminator such an effective killing machine is his ability to adapt to his environment and constantly learn new things. As a marketing expert, you too need the ability to learn from your habits and make adjustments to address them.

3.       Patience Yields Results. The Terminator is crazy efficient—he doesn’t sprint after his quarry, he walks. He knows what he’s doing, and he’s willing to wait to get it. Similarly, you should always do what you can in your marketing campaign, but be patient—good things take time.

4.       Consistency is Everything. Skynet achieves results through crazy consistency—if you’ve seen more than one Terminator movie, you’ll know the Arnold models all look alike. Keeping your marketing consistent helps you stay efficient and recognizable, like a bold,well-oiled machine.

5.       Keep Your Eyes on the Prize. The Terminator does not rest or quit. He is always focused on his prey. Don’t lose sight on your own goals, whether they’re focused on building a reputation or simply getting more leads.

The Terminator would never be a good content marketer, and his social media presence would probably leave something to be desired. Nevertheless, his technological base and patient adaptability make him a proud addition in our “marketing lessons from pop icons” series.

photo credit: Kadath via photopin cc

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