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5 Marketing Tips to Learn from the Lord of the Rings


The Lord of the Rings has entertained readers for the better part of the century and moviegoers for more than a decade, and its setting and characters can reveal a number of solid practices marketers can follow for success.

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most successful fantasy franchises ever, and it continues to conjure more interest with new movies and media. Most people appreciate it for the depth of world building it offers, the intricate landscapes, and the awe-inspiring characters, but as marketers we’re always looking at things a little differently. Check out these five marketing lessons you can learn from the Lord of the Rings:

1.       Keep Records of Everything. Bilbo Baggins recorded everything in his journeys, and the dwarves of Moria kept detailed accounts of everything that happened to them. It didn’t help the dwarves avoid getting slaughtered, but it can help you analyze and redevelop your marketing strategies.

2.       Get Specialists. Everyone in the fellowship of the Ring had a specialty, from combat to cooking. Make sure your team of marketing experts are specialists in their field.

3.       Plan for the Long Road. The journey from the Shire to Mordor took a long time, and most of the fellowship was prepared for that. Marketing campaigns aren’t just gimmicks to try and toss—they’re something you should plot out for the long haul.  

4.       Understand that Quality Beats Quantity. An army of brutish orcs is no match for a handful of wizards and trained soldiers. In your content marketing, remember that quality beats quantity every time.

5.       Don’t Be Afraid to Change. Leaving the Shire was a big step for the hobbits, but it had to be done. You won’t get anywhere if you’re afraid of changing.

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