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5 Marketing Tips to Learn from Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor, despicable bald enemy of Superman and poster boy for super villains everywhere. He’s a cunning, conniving, malicious man who can even pose a threat to the strongest, fastest, most super-powered human alive. But even though he’s such a bad guy, he can really teach us all a thing or two about how you market yourself.

Take a glance at these five strong marketing tips you can learn from Lex Luthor:

1.       Technology Goes a Long Way. Lex is always on top of the latest technology, creating new gadgets to boost his strength and stamina. As a marketer, you should share a similar fondness and appreciation for technology, integrating it into your campaigns for a better, more sophisticated approach.

2.       Charisma Trumps Everything. Lex became president once. A super villain mastermind. How did he do it? Charisma. The right approach can make you appear amazing even if you have a few flaws.

3.       Pragmatism is Better than Idealism. Mr. Luthor doesn’t waste time on what “should” or “shouldn’t” be—he focuses on what “is” and what “isn’t.” His cold focus on pragmatism might seem alienating, but it’s really the greatest way to get measurable results.

4.       Focus on the Weak Points of Your Competitors (or Arch-Nemeses). Lex Luthor always has a stock of Kryptonite readily available. Your competitors might have a weakness a little less strange than alien matter—say, not capitalizing on social media or failing to target a specific demographic.

5.       Stay Cool. No matter what happens, Lex never loses his temper. Neither should you. Don’t frantically shift from strategy to strategy—instead, find something that works and stick with it. Your campaigns will end up more successful in the long run.

While Lex Luthor never got involved in marketing and advertising, his calculating demeanor and somehow lovable nature have allowed him to achieve greatness. Implement these strategies in your own marketing efforts, and you’ll see similar—though less villainous—results.

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