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5 Features Your Website Absolutely Needs to Have


No matter what industry you’re in, there are certain features that every website absolutely must have.

Web design is a tricky, ever-changing landscape, with ample gray areas of subjectivity and a degree of unpredictability. What’s important to a website now is very different from what was important to a website in 1999, and what’s important for a consumer-facing e-commerce platform is very different from what’s important for a B2B manufacturing website.

Even so, there are five major features that your website needs to have, no matter who you are or what your primary goals are:

1.       A clear navigation bar. Let people know where they can and should go. Once a user comes to your site, they should immediately and instinctively know what page they need to visit. Each of your pages should be easy to find.

2.       A blog. Even if you’re not a consumer-facing business, a blog is invaluable. It will help people get a better sense of your brand, give them valuable information they need, and improve your ranks in major search engines.

3.       A contact area. Make sure you give people access to you or your business. Have a dedicated contact page, or include contact details in the footer of your website. Allow people to send you an email via a form or include your phone number and physical address. Just make sure people can talk to you.

4.       Consistent branding. Make sure your company’s branding is clear and consistent across all pages. That includes your company’s colors as well as voice.

5.       Responsiveness. Every website should be accessible on any device, and should load quickly so users aren’t immediately turned away.

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