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4 Overrated Social Media Platforms for Social Media Marketing


There are plenty of solid ways to build a social media presence, but these four platforms are simply overrated for corporate use.

Social media is a buzzworthy item in your marketing arsenal. It’s received a lot of attention because of its newness and its great potential, but too many marketers focus on doing “something” with social media instead of zeroing in on a solid, practical strategy.

If you’re like most marketers, you’ve staked out a profile on several social media sites, but you may or may not be using them actively. It’s tough to work out which systems will be most beneficial for your company, but as a general rule Facebook and Twitter are your best bets. Other profiles can be useful, but many of them are overblown.

Unless you have a solid reason to use them, avoid these overrated platforms:

1.       Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way to share images, but unless you can get an image to go viral, it’s not going to help your campaign much. Companies that can put out relevant and practical infographics regularly or those with visually appealing products might be able to take advantage of Pinterest. Otherwise, avoid it.

2.       Instagram. Similarly, Instagram is not going to benefit you unless you take a lot of relevant, shareable pictures. It’s focused on individuals, so most businesses will get little to no use out of it.

3.       LinkedIn. LinkedIn isn’t bad—it’s just overrated. It’s best used as a means of professional networking, and if you’re looking to connect with other business owners you might get some use out of it. But if you use it as a posting platform for your company, don’t expect much momentum.

4.       Tumblr. The popular blogging site could be good if you develop a campaign that makes it the focal point, but you don’t need it to build an audience when there are so many other, more aggressive tools at your disposal.

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