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10 Social Media Etiquette Tips You Might Be Neglecting


Even if you’ve been managing a social media campaign for years, you might be neglecting these 10 important etiquette tips.

The core of social media marketing is interaction with your users and followers. Interact positively, and you’ll keep your followers loyal while attracting new ones. Interact negatively, and you might drive followers away. Maintaining proper social etiquette is the first step toward ensuring all your interactions are positive and keeping your followers pleased with your brand.

But not all etiquette is obvious. Keep these tips in mind when managing your social campaign:

1.       Follow and like back. Whenever possible, reciprocate with your new fans and followers. Some platform limits might prevent you from doing so, but it’s an easy way to show your appreciation.

2.       Don’t spam messages. It’s good to have an active account, but if you post 10 messages an hour, you might be flooding your followers’ news feeds.

3.       Thank people for sharing content. If someone shares or retweets your content, show your appreciation for them by mentioning them by name!

4.       Don’t ignore or delete responses. Unless the comment is downright abusive, avoid deleting it. Responding to negative comments is a sign of a solid brand.

5.       Mix your content sources. Don’t mindlessly retweet other people all day. Generate your own content, and draw your shared and syndicated content from multiple sources.

6.       Don’t auto-message people. It might seem like a good way to start a conversation, but for most people automatic messages are annoying.

7.       Don’t constantly ask for retweets. It’s fine to ask your users to share your content occasionally for specifically important articles, but don’t do it for every piece of content you submit.

8.       Use first names when you can. Unless you’re dealing with another company, use first names. It’s more personal that way.

9.       Take your time when responding. A knee-jerk reaction isn’t often the best way to deal with a comment, positive or negative.

10.   Be friendly! It’s a simple step to take that many companies and professionals neglect.

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