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Bartels Busack

Bartels Busack is one of the top pet hospitals in the region, so they needed a major upgrade to their website to ensure that they maintained that reputation both in practice and online. The old website was chock-full of great information, helpful resources, and descriptions of the facility. The problem was, there was so much information that was gradually added over time, that the site had become terribly confusing and cluttered. Beyond the content itself, the framework that the website was built on was long outdated and not mobile compliant. Quez Media took the content-laden design and gave it big, beautiful imagery against a can't miss purple backdrop, reinforcing and embracing the brand colors of Bartels Busack. Quez also did a slight refresh of the logo to better match the modern look of the website. Structurally, the entire library of information was reorganized, categorized, consolidated, and built into a framework that made it easy to read and more importantly, easy to find. The new Bartels Busack website is social, interactive, structured, and responsive, allowing the site to work on all desktop and handheld platforms.

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