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5 Popular Social Media Marketing Approaches That Fail

Social media marketing is popular, but a number of flawed approaches prevent most practitioners from being successful.

To many marketers and business owners, social media is still an exciting venture. It’s new, it’s fast-paced, and it has the potential to connect you with people all over the world. But unfortunately, good intentions aren’t enough to help you succeed in social media marketing, and the first impressions most people have about how to market themselves are wrong.

We see too many business owners falling into these traps—these approaches that almost consistently fail in a live social media environment:

  1. Posting constantly. There’s something to be said for maintaining a healthy stream of content on your social media feeds, but don’t go to the extreme. If you’re posting content all the time, every day, you’re going to flood your users’ newsfeeds and they’ll unsubscribe from your posts.
  2. Selling all the time. Yes, social media is a marketing tool, but that doesn’t mean your main goal should be selling your products or services. Your main goal needs to be providing value to your users.
  3. Reaching out to everyone. It’s a good idea to engage with people on an individual level, but if you do this to everyone, using the same formulaic openers and responses, you’re going to lose your personal appeal.
  4. Mimicking another brand or strategy. Your brand is your own brand; don’t lose your identity by blindly copying a strategy that worked for another brand.
  5. Doing the same thing over and over. When you start, consistency is good; it gives you a solid foundation and a measure of how successful you really are. But you need to change your strategy over time if you want to continue seeing results.

Avoid the temptation of pursuing these strategies, even if they appear to be logically effective on the surface. If you want to be successful, you’ll have to dig deeper, customizing your strategy for your audience and adjusting it over time.

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