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How to Attract Brand Evangelists (and Why You Should)

Brand evangelists have the power to revitalize interest in your brand.

If your business is in need of fast growth, or if you’re looking for a more organic way to build brand authority, you should consider attracting and retaining brand evangelists. These are fans and followers who are so enthusiastic about your brand, they willingly talk about it to other people.

So why are they so important, and how can you get one?

Why Brand Evangelists Matter

Brand evangelists are powerful because they basically do your work for you. They’ll do the job of your marketing and advertising campaign without asking for a cent. On top of that, they’re loyal customers in their own right, and if you keep treating them well, they’ll stay with you indefinitely.

How to Get One

Now let’s focus on how you can attract a brand evangelist:

  • Display consistent, unique branding. You won’t attract an evangelist unless you already have a powerful brand in place. Make sure your branding sets you apart from the competition, and is on display consistently enough that your customers can recognize it.
  • Deliver exceptional, memorable service. Evangelists aren’t born from typical service. Instead, they usually develop after an exceptional, memorable experience. Go out of your way for your customers, and soon, you’ll have droves of loyal followers.
  • Engage with your customers regularly. Don’t forget to nurture the customers most likely to become brand evangelists—your active followers. Answer their questions, engage with them, and consider sharing their content. Do whatever it takes to make those relationships stronger.
  • Reward evangelist behavior. Finally, when you see evangelist behavior (such as a follower recommending your brand to another person), go out of your way to reward it. Even a simple “thank you” can go a long way here.

Are you looking for your chance to attract a brand evangelist? Or are you eager to build your social media presence? Contact Quez Media today and we’ll help you put the right strategy in place.

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